pen·ti·men·to /ˌpen(t)әˈmen(t)ō/: the PRESENCE or EMERGENCE of earlier images, forms, or strokes that have been changed and painted over.

I began a personal search for my own identity eleven years ago. It mainly consisted of me honestly admitting my own faults and hurtful actions towards my loved ones while I was in the midst of a struggle with addiction. Over time it has evolved into me diving deeply into my own personal beliefs and history. The events that have shaped me since I was a child were a mystery I kept buried even from myself. Now I wake up everyday with the desire to be a better version of who I was yesterday. A living pentimento. This typeface experiment was a way to connect to those closest to me genetically.

For those that I’ve lost, all I have left are my memories and their available belongings. The things that they created by hand are important to me. They are tangible evidence outside of photographs that shows the world as they once also lived in it. For someone who exists with the intense desire to create, I am drawn to these handwritten artifacts. They are powerful. These people who I have lost and my immediate family which remains on this planet have shaped my life. They have shaped my experience of being alive and in one last grasp, I have used this exercise to gain insight about who they are, where I come from, and who I intend to be.

Pentimento is the perfect name. This has become a repentant action. I am regretful of the time I lost with my grandparents. I am sad that it took so much time to see my parents as individuals also engulfed in the human experience. But I am grateful that there is still time. There is still time to spend and memories to make. There are still notes to write and receive and cherish. There are still stories to tell.


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