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About Me

I am a 2022 graduate of Kutztown University with a BFA in Communication Design. My education at Kutztown University afforded me a well rounded design education with a special interest in both Advertising Design and Interactive Design.

In 2017 I graduated from Kutztown with a BFA in Studio Art with a concentration in painting and a minor in psychology. From 2012-2020 I worked in social services and food service while continuing to make art contemplating a career in art therapy. In the midst of the pandemic I realized I desired to find a new way to use my passion for art and design to reach people and help others and enrolled in the CD program. It has opened my eyes to all the ways that design plays a part in our life.

I was a non- traditional student and I believe I am a non-traditional designer. My extensive background in fine art, design, psychology and social services coupled with my work experience in customer service allows me to bring a new perspective to the table.

I learned in social services that it is important to meet clients where they’re at. I believe that utilizing that skill in design has helped me to listen and learn what makes a design client stand out. I know that together we can create something unique and personal. My goal is bring a human connection to design through clear communication and collaboration.

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